History Of Magnetic Therapy


Heal You Body Naturally


The idea of using magnetism for healing is not new. Early Chinese medical literature claimed healing properties for lodestone, a naturally magnetic mineral. In 1530, Paracelsus reported on treatments by Magnetic fields at University of Basel. In recent times, the biological effects of Magnetic fields have been studied in Japan, Soviet Union, Europe and USA.

Since the late 1950's, numerous studies have been done in Japan, which have demonstrated the effectiveness of magnetic fields for treating various human complaints.

How do Magnets work

Magnetic energy has such all-encompassing, powerful effects that no one description of how they exert their positive therapeutic effects could adequately describe all the many complex ways it affects mind & Body.

However, one theory based on the concept of diseased cells losing their magnetic equilibrium, explains how topically applied magnets are able to support & encourage the normal functional relationship both within the molecular structure of each cell as well as positively influencing the relationship throughout the entire body-mind process.

Another theory is that magnets exert a powerful attraction to the iron content in blood, penetrating the outer layers of skin, muscle and fatty tissue to the capillaries that feed directly into the blood stream. By attracting iron and perhaps other inorganic molecules to the diseased area, circulation is increased. This is enhance by the increase of oxygen and other vital nutrients to the affected site that assists in healing. The combined effect is regulating the pH of the cells and tissues, balancing, ionising and oxygenating them generally relieving congestion and pain by improving blood circulation.

Scientific research documents the following specific physiological effects of bio-magnetic therapy:
It affects increasing blood and oxygen circulation along with the nutrients carrying potential of the blood.
It is able to affect pH balance (acid- alkaline) which is often imbalanced in diseased tissue.
It positively speeds up migration of calcium ions to facilitate the healing of nervous tissue and bones (usually at least in half the time). Because of this it may also help to remove pathological build up of calcium associated with arthritic joits.
It can powerfully influence the production of certain hormones from the various endocrine glands.
It stimulates and fosters enzyme activity and other related physiological processes.

If we consider that all functions of the body are essentially Bio-Magnetic, we can understand how each body cell down to DNA has a positive and negative bio-magnetic field and that cell division, itself is fundamentally a magnetic process that occurs throughout the various tissues and organs of the body. Physiological biochemistry that utilises various amino acids requires bio-magnetic energy to occur.

The recently published book on magnetic therapy by William Philpott, M.D., Bio-magnetic handbook is also indicative of the increased awareness and interest in magnetism as a beneficial and healing force.

Worldwide interest in therapeutic applications of magnetism continues to grow, many people in this country are now learning about drug free pain relief with the power of bio-magnetic therapeutic treatment.

Bio-magnetic Copper Bracelets, Copper rings, Link Bracelets, Stainless Steel Bracelets, Necklaces, Insoles, Elastic fourway Stretch supports and pet Collars are sold in Japan, Korea, USA and in Europe for the relief of arthritic, rheumatic, joint pains, and stiffness as well as to help blood circulation. Many users report excellent results for this application.

Using magnetic therapy on your pets:

Animals are subject to the same force that affect people. One of these is the Earth's magnetic field, which affects animals even more than human beings. All living creatures are designed to use the Earth's magnetic field. people and animals are being deprived of this natural energy source be enclosures, such as steel cages, steel framed buildings and vehicles, primarily made of iron and other metals, which absorb magnetic energy from the Eartths.

Current research indicates that being deprived of this vital energy source may be a contributing factor in the cause of a variety of ailments in animals. These conditions can include psoriasis, skin disorders, poor hair growth , arthritis and joint problems, neurological disorders, hyperactivity and nervousness, sight and hearing impairment, and lack of energy and playfulness. Bio-Magnetic pet collars for Dogs and Cats May help supplement the lack of the Earth's Magnetic field.

User's report that pets respond with renewed energy and vitality when wearing Bio-Magnetic pet collars. Previous symptoms of ill health, such as sleep problems, whimpers of discomfort, chronic pain and loss of appetite become less noticeable, arthritis, back ache and hip dysplasia are also eased. Pets often regain, mobility and zest for life as their bodies heal themselves with the aid of the beneficial effects resulting from a properly applied Bio-Magnetic field.